All temple tanks filled with water from monsoon rain

As the monsoon rain came down heavy early on Saturday, all the tanks of temples in the Mylapore zone have been filling up fast.

The tank of Sri Kapali Temple which was receiving water from the streets around it and filling up the past fortnight has seen water rising fast now; you can see only five levels of the steps of the tank.

Srikanth, who tends the nandavanam here to offer flowers daily at the temple and who plans to light 3000 lamps for Karthigai Deepam says one has to careful walking on the steps due to the rain and must watch the rising water level here.

The Chitrakulam, the tank of Sri Adi Kesavaperumal Temple, is almost full now. Sadly, some plastic and other waste is seen floating.

The tanks of Sri Virupakseeswarar Temple and of Sri Madhava Perumal Temple are also filling up, with about 75% full with rainwater.

  • Report by Madhan Kumar