Caterer Hariharan has shipped Deepavali sweets abroad: now delivers locally

On the eve of the Deepavali season, there are families which prefer to make sweets at home; and there are others who rely on traditional cooks for their variety, authentic taste and quality.

R. Hariharan, proprietor of V. Raju Iyer Catering, has been busy since late October, taking orders ahead of the season.

“This year, as always, we will be making traditional Laddu, Badusha, jangiri, Mysore pak and Guava Cake. My customers order the same kind of sweets year-on-year. They prefer traditional laddu over motichur laddu,” says Hariharan, who has a team of 20 people working overtime in his kitchen.

Hariharan takes up bulk orders and delivers them to their homes. He started work last weekend and by November 6 the first set of parcelled orders went out.

These are parcels that are shipped to clients in Singapore, the USA and in Dubai. In Chennai, the delivery will start on Nov.10.

Hariharan does not charge additional delivery charges. “If I ask, they might give, but I don’t. Customers are important to us,” he says. In savouries, the options are special Mixture, Kara sev, Butter murukku and Omapodi, each costing Rs 600 per kilo. The cost of traditional Laddu, Badusha, Jangiri and Mysore pak costs Rs 650 per kilo. “I follow a detailed process to make tasty sweets. I use Goldwinner oil and RKG ghee for the preparations. Customers keep coming back to us for the authentic taste that our sweets are known for,” he says.

V. Raju Iyer Catering has been in the food business for 50 years.

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