In heavy rain, Karthigai Deepam celebration at Sri Kapali Temple is held

The pouring rain did not dampen the spirits of a good number of people, volunteers and priests to unfold the Karthigai Deepam celebrations at Sri Kapali Temple in Mylapore on Sunday evening.

Well before the skies darkened, a number of women designed kolams inside the temple, set up earthen lamps and poured oil and then lit them up, lending a warm and divine atmosphere for the auspicious event.

Out in the temple tank, volunteer Srikanth and his team who had set up hundreds of lamps on the steps of the tank gave up their intention to light them up as the rain came down.

By the time the rituals had been done in the temple, the rain was heavy and yet, the procession with the deities was taken out, and just as the rain went light, the procession went out into Sannithi Street. Under umbrellas, the priests gathered around the chokkapanai, chanted and then lit it up.

The rain continued but the chokkapanai flames were strong, ending an eventful evening of a festival.

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