Monsoon 2023: heavy rain causes flooding in many Mylapore areas

As rainwater from the streets ran into the Chitrakulam on Wednesday night, the water began to flow back even as heavy rain pounded Mylapore zone. ( photo below)

The temple tank was almost full some days ago and the rain on Thursday brought that level to the brim.

Rainwater from all sides of the tank flowed into the tank. The floodwater was seen rising on East Mada Street too.

Elsewhere, especially in Mandaveli, near the MTC terminus junction, rainwater flowed furiously into Canal Bank Road side. Obviously, the barricades alongside the terminus for Chennai Metro work caused water stagnation leading to flooding. ( first photo)

Flooding took place in East Abiramapuram ( photo below) Seethammal Colony, R H Road zone, Sir Sivaswamy Salai zone, Musiri Subramaniam Road zone and elsewhere.