Fisher community remembers tsunami, repeats a ritual it has observed on December 26

This Tuesday morning ( December 26) members of the fisher community in Nochikuppam, a colony alongside Marina Loop Road, Mylapore took out a .procession and then. offered prayers on the seashore on a morning that marked the 19th anniversary of the tsunami that ravaged many countries in south Asia and impacted the Marina coast too – on December 26 in 2004.

Men and women gathered outside the housing blocks of this area, and were joined by the Mylapore MLA, Dha Velu and a few DMK cadres and they walked towards the shore where the women offered prayers and then pouted out milk that was in small kujas.

This was the lone, symbolic event that was held on this side of the Marina coast.  In the past, communities living on the south side, from areas like Srinivasapuram, have also held such events but not this morning.

  • Report by Madhan Kumar