Monsoon 2023: Flooded Venus Colony left to fend for itself

The chief secretary of the state, Shiv Dass Meena and GCC commissioner, J Radhakrishnan, were seen visiting Venus Colony in Alwarpet on the weekend after SOS calls went out from the community here.

A video from a TV channel doing the rounds showed the officers interacting with a resident of a bungalow, possibly on 1st Street.

Residents of the colony said that not a single state agency officer or staff came that way although all the houses were marooned in water that rose to 4/5 feet and stayed that way for three days and more.

One resident was quoted saying that rainwater that falls on all the streets of this zone flows into the colony and does not find a way out and hence the colony gets flooded.

People said that they managed with some dry foodstuff and little water and did not get any help from state agencies.

A large store called Murail’s Market located in the colony was also flooded and stocks and property damaged.

Some people who reside in this zone and off TTK Road and Kasturi Ranga Road vacated their apartments mid-week and moved in elsewhere.  They are now getting back to repairs damaged motors and power wires, lifts and water lines.

  • Photo shot on Sunday of the area around Murali Market in Venus Colony zone

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    Excellent useful data
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  2. I stay on Santhome High Road. There were no such problems. But house leaking and water seepage. My balcony became a water tub spilling water into verandah and to bedroom and to the dining room.
    One big 2 hours work later,electricity was cut for an hour and resumed.
    Then thexwater seepage started on ceiling and walls.
    Next water c ing from closed windows kept me busy….till the rains stopped at 12.30 am.
    I went to bed after ensuring everything was dry.
    But seepage gave an intolerable stench.

    Marina Square building needs a corporations check and rebuilding. Very bad building. Water everywhere

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