Monsoon / cyclonic weather; situation on Monday in Mylapore areas badly hit

These are very brief notes on the ground situation in Mylapore zone as notcied on Monday, December 4 morning, even as the Met Department updated on the cyclone that was to hit the east coast late Monday or early Tesday.
< Stretch from Warren Road junction to St Mary’s Road point flooded – 4 ft water.
< Trees fall in East Abiramapuram Street/s ; wires dangling.
< Buckingham Canal off Kutchery Road overflows; water floods the east side, flooding Pattu Nool Karan ( PNK) Thottam. Water has flooded many houses and the dwellings are in a mess. ( 3rd photo)
<< Kutchery Road also flooded in this zone ( 2nd photo).
< Strong currents drive water furiously down Canal
< In Karaneeswarar Pagoda Street, dozens of cars parked here, float in water. Area alongside St Bede’s School ground flooded. ( 1st photo)
< Kamaraj Salai / San Thome High Road neat and clean; no floodwater.
<< Sea sweeps into shore off Nochikuppam. Marina Loop Road dry.
<< Chitrakulam tank over flows and water flows into East Mada Street – flooded. Other Mada Street are okay.
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  1. Though Mylapore Times rightly portraying the havocs of rains in the last few days, elsewhere many parts of Chennai echoes the same feeling of the residents. Today, we don’t enjoy the seasonal rains of our younger days, without the JCPs, and the sophisticated weather radars. Since 2015, if I remember correctly this is the 3rd Freightning seasonal rains for Chennai, and the rains of today probably on account of’ Elnino’, pours something like 45 CMs in two days.

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