Chennai Metro; issues affecting Mandaveli, Mandavelipakkam discussed at hurried meet

Residents of Mandaveli and Mandaveliapkkam met at a private hall this evening ( Jan.10) at a hurrledly-called meet by Chennai Metro staff and local area police to discuss issues arising out of traffic movement changes that have been set on past Sunday.

The focus was local – Mandaveli and Mandavelipakkam.


Doctors who manage clinics / hospitals in this zone highlighted their woes –

BSS Hospital’s Dr Harish said access to BSS is cut off now. A patient suffered heart attack in Mandaveli He had to be redirected to Billroth and was attended him there

Dr Biswakumar said access to his clinic in R K Mutt Road ( Mandaveli section) is cut off; he suggests that traffic be allowed from Solaiappan Mudali street into R K Mutt Road , then take a right to reach the R K Mutt road junction. Better access, he suggested.

Dr Narendran said that he has now observed that from South Canal Bank Road to Greenways Road – while in the past it took 10 minutes now is takes 50 minutes. He sought a better solution.

Traffic police say they will visit all the possible route diversions suggested by doctors and residents, work along with CMRL  and look at offering a better facility.

The points reported here have been culled from online posts made by people who attended this evening’s meet.

Mandaveli resident Ravi Nandyala says – the intent of the meeting was good. But if such a meeting is called for in a matter of few hours and the public is expected to come with the problems and solutions, I think it is very unreasonable. Either they make a note of the issues and go back to their drawing boards or give adequate time for people to think through the solutions.

There were hardly any women at this meet.  Kalyan Nagar Association, whose space was used, had some of its members attending.

People said such meets much be held weekends when all people can take time off from office / home and air their grievances.

Nothing much is spoken about having similar meets in other zones of Mylapore; to seek feedback and discuss issues arising out of Chennai Metro plans.

This far, Chennai Metro seems to have paid little attention on how its must reach out to communities even as its rolls out its plans, listen, allow discussion and set right issues that can ease lives of people.

Today’s meeting seems more of a knee-jerk reaction.

Also, the Mylapore MLA and councillors are not seen yet in the middle of the issue.

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  1. Right from Porur to Liberty one way traffic affected innumerable commercial establishments and schools also affected many people employed in the affected tne area lost employment.

  2. It is regarding stopping of buses from thiruvalluvar salai stop towards ajanta to be made mandatory at R k salai near AVM Rajeswari Kalaýana Mandapam for bus route 21, 21C, A1, 1, 1C And 1D till the metro work is completed and even the fare charged by MTC is also extra ( i.e. Actually from Ajantha to Central Railway Station was Rs. 7/‐ Earlier in Ordinary Bus AND In Delux it was Rs 15/-) but now Ordinary bus are Charging Rs 8/- similarly Deluxe bus also Rs. 17/- which is not fair. Please look into this and consider the request for stoppage of buses and revision in Fare which is been excess charged.

  3. As you all must be aware the Traffic congestion is too much in kalvi varu street,mylapore in peak hrs and it ends up in a chaotic situation especially for Vidya mandir school students and general public on the whole. The same case as way to sripuram from yellow pages. There is lot of traffic during peak hrs. Lot of motorists especially cars and other vehicles using it as a two way road. Suggest that Traffic Marshalls to be deployed to control and manage in order to ensure smooth flow of traffic or diversion boards and barricades to be placed to avoid congestion and proactive information to the public.

  4. Woes being heard haphazardly. That’s. What devil’s do.
    The whole metro rail thing is creating very big miseries to people living in Santhome but commute to and by the closed areas.

    Elderly people think I can do much and stop me and say……it’s very inconvenient, roads are cut, trees are gone…..we did not ask for this convenience.
    I say, Please call Mylapore Times and trouble them… which they say MT I’d listening to dominant side…..they want publicity. At our expense.
    I say…..pour in petitions in police stations, visit, call and don’t stop.
    They say…..they will do that.

    I say this… a lot of elderly people are highly inconvenienced.

    One sided…. Not fully agreed with and done rapidly. Finally PM is blamed

  5. You have to also take into consideration the schools and that a lot of children walk or cycle to school. Traffic police have to be present at intersections during school and peak times.

    If an intersection is closed signs should be place much before indicating this so that people are aware and take a cutoff before that. Like for example Thiruvengadam street is now a route for all buses, but you have closed off all prior intersections, HSV and Rani Meyammai. Motorists can avoid Thiruvengadam St and take the HSV main school road to Kamarajar salai.

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