Verses of Thevaram and Thiruvembavai, if recited with deep faith, adds value to one’s life; Dr. Sarada Nambi Aarooran 

The 29th annual day of Hamsanadam music school was held on January 7 at Raga Sudha hall, Luz.

Orator Dr. Sarada Nambi Aarooran and music scholar Prof. Ritha Rajan were chief guests.

Thevaram exponent Vaiyyaicheri Balasubramaniam was honoured at the function.

This year’s annual day was themed “Thennadudaiya Sivane Potri” and the guests expressed their thoughts and experiences on the theme.

Dr Sharada spoke on the importance of learning to read and write Thamizh and how the meaning of each verse of Thevaram and Thiruvembavai, if recited with utmost faith adds value to one’s life.

The music students presented a thematic presentation of Thevaram, Thiruvembavai, and the songs composed by Dr. Shubha Ganesan, who runs this school.

  • Reported by Subashini / staff of Hamsanadam