More streets in Mylapore relaid in last 48 hours

A few busy streets in the heart of Mylapore which were scraped of the top layer and were not relaid for weeks have now been relaid.

‘The streets include Mathala Narayanan Street and Sundareswarar Street ; these were relaid in the last 48 hours.

These streets had been scraped in the last week of December, 2023.

Elsewhere, some roads / streets that are taking the heavy load of vehicular movement caused by traffic diversions due to work on Chennai Metro projects have been relaid – like the key Mandaveli Street.

But many smaller streets in colonies that also handle the extra traffic due to diversions which need smart filling of pot-holes and craters are yet to be repaired.

Chennai Metro officials have said that they will fill all pot holes on streets that take the ‘diverted’ traffic movement.