Over 2000 people take part in kumbhabishekam of Sri Madhava Perumal Temple

The kumbhabishekam of Sri Madhava Perumal Temple in Mylapore was held this Wednesday morning,  February 21.

About 2000 people attended it, all of them finding a place inside the temple premises. Among them was the Mylapore MLA, Dha. Velu.

The ceremonies followed a clockwork pattern and stuck to the rituals of this unique event and it was also kept simple too. There was nothing ostentatious and grand about it.

A tall make-shift staircase led to the top of the main gopuram which is on the east side of the temple, with a platform created around the top of the gopuram, around the kalasams, for the rituals.

Sijmilar temporary staircases and platforms had been set up to access the vimanas inside the temple.

Over two dozen priests had taken part in the homams that were conducted here on Tuesday.

Over the past few months now, TVS company has privately restored, repaired and painted various sections of this old temple.

The work was over in late December and the key areas like the vimana and gopurams were kept protected from sun and dust with cloth material.

Water still holds good and clean in the temple tank which is well- protected from pollution.