Masi Magam: deities taken in procession to Marina seashore off Light House point. Rituals held

Masi Magam is being celebrated today, Feb.24, and since early morning, there were many processions that led to the Marina.

The deities from temples in the Mylapore zone were taken to the seashore behind the Light House for the performance of rituals.

They used to be taken to the shore off Kannagi statue in previous years but due to Chennai Metro work, a new shore spot was chosen this time.

On this day, after the idols of deities in temples are taken in procession to the seashore, poojas and other rituals are performed on the seashore, and the idols are immersed in the sea.

Devotees who are assembled for the occasion, aslo take a holy dip in the sea, symbolic of washing away their inequities.

  • Reported by Madhan Kumar