Temple, church embroiled in issues that arise from viral video

Viral videos, brash statements and extreme political outbursts have this past week embroiled Sri Kapaleeswarar Temple and  San Thome Cathedral.

A photo/video of a young woman, her head covered, seated inside Sri Kapali Temple began to viral. The caption claimed she was seen reading the Bible, was questioned by some devotees and asked to move out of the temple.

Thereafter, some buzz ( unconfirmed) went around that members of a right wing outfit would enter the Cathedral in San Thome and recite religious texts.

When this buzz reached the church, the priest shared this buzz with Mylapore police who later informed the priest that they had conversed with the people who were said to have planned the church action and pacified them.

In this situation, the priest was told that there was no need now to have police posted in the church campus.

  • Image used here is said to be of woman seen reading the Bible inside Sri Kapali temple. Source;unkown. Image used to illustrate the report.


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  1. There is no need to give velocity to such news.thecpeople are just trying to provoke Christians.
    I have heard both parties are Hindus and there need not be any milage as any attention given will fuel nasty persecutions as those happening in North India

    Kindly act discreetly

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