Chennai Metro: temporary bus stops get signages of bus route numbers. Commuters demand shelters

Finally, MTC has responded to please and nudges from Mylaporeans affected by bus diversions in the zone due to Chennai Metro work.

Since last night, all ‘temporary bus stops’ created across Mylapore – Mandaveli – Abiramapuram areas now sport signages that list the stops and bus route numbers too.

However, as summer begins to bear down, there are no signs of temporary bus shelters coming up.

At places like Luz Church Road’s west corner, off Karpagambal Nagar, commuters have the luxury of shade provided by avenue trees.

But in places like the east end of Srinivasa Avenue, R. A. Puram, people stand in the sun for buses, or stand under sunshades of local shops.

Multiple messages from Mylapore Times to MTC to provide ‘diverted bus route maps’ and new bus stops and support data have only got the ‘we are at it’ reply.