Contractor of Indian Bank continues violations in Luz

When it comes to violations civil contractors take the cake and eat it too.
Take the case of Abirami Engineering which had taken the contract for building the executive quarters for the staff of Indian Bank in Luz.
This contractor had violated several standard rules. For the past two months their men used the machinery at late night leaving the residents badly disturbed.
Several complaints could only halt the work for few days till a mail to a senior office of Indian Bank fgot some positive reation.
But violations continued.
One day the workers even let out a concrete water mixture in the local drain.
Now, the workers have encroached on Ramachandra Road near the Aavin booth – they have dumped their work tools and construction materials on the road and barricaded public space.
With the rerouted traffic arrangements connected with Chennai Metro brining steady flow of vehicles on these roads, this ‘hijack’ poses civic problems.
– Report by Baskar Seshadri
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