For Lent, families of this church community are collecting rice and money at home. To donate later.

The community at Our Lady of Guidance Church popularly known as saint Lazarus Church led by Parish Priest Fr Y F Bosco went on a Lenten pilgrimage to five churches on March 10..

Their plan was to visit the chruches of Arambakkam, Gummidipoondi, Red Hills, Madhavaram and Nazareth Nagar.

Stations of the Cross was to be conducted in these churches and Holy Mass to be celebrated at Holy Family Shrine in Nazareth Nagar.
Four hundred parishioners signed up for the pilgrimage.
There was a Lenten retreat held at the parish from Feb.18 to 24.
On Ash Wednesday, Lenten donation boxes were handed over to each family to collect money during the season of Lent. Each family was also asked to put in a handful of rice each day in a bag. These rice bags and donations will be handed over to the church during the Holy Week service and will be distributed to the poor and needy, said Fr. Bosco, parish priest.
Report: Juliana Sridhar