Hundreds of men and women take out procession for abhishekam at Sri Kolavizhi Amman Temple

The annual ritual of the abhishekam in milk at Sri Kolavizhi Amman Temple, Mylapore took place this Sunday morning ( March 10).

Early this morning, men and women gathered at the Sri Kapali Temple to pick up pots filled with milk and be part of the procession from here. 1008 pots were kept in the mandapam here.

Well-organised, the procession left the Sannidhi Street area and took the Kutchery Road before turning into Mundagakanni Amman Street to head to the temple, where the abhiskeham was performed.

WATCH Video of this event here

This area will be a busy zone this Sunday.

From noon, the annual Mayana / Masana kollai celebration at the Sri Angala-amman Temple, on Mundagakanni Amman Temple Street will begin.

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