Mahasivaratri: huge crowds, many acts of devotion, grand illumination, music and dance

All the temples dedicated to lord Shiva were packed with devotees for Mahasivaratri. In fact, people had begun to stream into Sri Kapali Temple since Friday morning and joined long queues for dharisanam here.

By 9 p.m., the devotees were into their thousands at Sri Kapali Temple, and the orderliness allowed people access smoothly and when some got tired they dozed off in corners inside – seniors though said they wished a better system was set for them on such occasions. ( photo below)

The temple was grandly illuminated and police kept vigil outside the campus.

WATCH video shot at Sri Kapali Temple

As the night progressed, people began to visit other temples closeby, on foot and in groups – guiven the huge volume of bike and auto traffic transporting people to one temple, walking in groups to each of the seven Shiva temples made practical sense.

This made the heart of Mylapore a buzz place even past midnight.

At Sri Veleeswarar Temple, South Mada Street, women and men volunteers sat and peeled fruits and collected coconut water to prepare for the abishekhams.  Devotees kept donating here, much of it being milk in sachets sold by hawkers outside.

WATCH video shot at this temple


At Sri Virupakseeswarar Temple, besides the illumination and music, the display of lingams, all decorated, caught everybody’s attention. ( photo above)

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There were thematic music and dance concerts through the night at some temples. The songs themed on lord Shiva. At Malleeswarar Temple, on a small stage, we saw young classical dancers perform.

WATCH video shot at Sri Malleeswarar Temple

Outside some temples, hawkers sold milk sachets by the dozens, bought by devotees and donated for the abishekhams inside.

Below is a photo shot at Sri Karaneeswarar Temple

Three temples where balalayam is in process did not have the abishekhjams – these were Sri Malleeswarar, Sri Karaneeswarar and Sri Valeeswarar Temple ( which is close to Sri Kolavizhi Amman Temple), While the kumbhabishekam has taken place in the first temple mentioned here, the grand events at the other too are to be held soon, we were told.

Mylaporeans who chose to visit all the local area Sivan temples, made it also to Sri Theertakapaleeswarar Temple, which lies on Dr Besant Road, opposite CitiCentre Mall, in Triplicane zone. ( photo above)

  • Report inputs from Madhan Kumar