Panguni festival 2024: when teachers and students of Lady Sivaswami School made their offerings

March 20 morning. Sunshine morning.

The Sannidhi Street zone slowly fills up with people who make it a point to attend every procession of the Panguni fest at Sri Kapali Temple.

The savudal vimanam purappadu started around 9 a.m. and as the procession made its way down East Mada Street, there was one big group that waited for the gods.

Every year, the teachers of Lady Sivaswami Girls Hr Sec. School present vastrams to the god and goddess on this day of the Panguni festival.

They wait their turn at the school junction on the mada street and then hand over garlands, vastrams and fruits to the deities.

This morning, led by the school’s headmistress Pushpavalli, the group was at their post to await the procession.

This year, a group of their students also joined them, singing and in prayer.

Late tonight, is the grand and hugely popular Rishabha vahanam procession – it ends after 5.30 am on Thursday.