This Cathedral group animates Lenten prayer services. Also does social work

Lenten season in the Church calendar that is currently on is also a time for church groups to get involved in prayer and social action.

The Immaculate Conception Curia, a  group attached to the San Thome Cathedral is engaged in doing social service throughout the year.

 It’s vice president Geraldine Fernandez  said that during the Lenten season, they prepare and animate Lenten retreats.
Their members visit the sick in hospitals, the elderly in the San Thome area and some orphanages.
Their  Whatsapp group called “Outreach” has bene created to help those in need. Information about government welfare schemes, scholarship programmes, job opportunities and  subsidised medical facilities are shared in this group.
They also help poor and less-educated people to process government-related and bank paper work.
– Report: Juliana Sridhar