Women’s Day: Sportspeople of Pattinampakkam, Karpagam Avenue have a celebration

It was time for sportspeople to celebrate Women’s Day at the GCC indoor stadium in Karpagam Avenue’s 4th Street last weekend.

Some singing, some fun and a cake shared with all those present made the event.

The community who attended it included those who play badminton at the two courts here and the teens who train and play football in Pattinampakkam.

The badminton courts, two of them, were affected in the recent monsoon; the roof leaked. GCC has repaired the roof but the floor is still the ordinary one. The lighting is basic.

Those who wish to play badminton here need to pay a small fee; two sessions are open – one starts at 6 am and the other at about 5 p.m.

Contact Nirmal – 8122143861.