A TUCS shop stood here on Chitrakulam South. On redeveloped plot, TNSC Bank will have its branch

Do you remember the building on Chitrakulam South Street in Mylapore which once housed the popular TUCS shop where one can get all provisions? It functioned here for years and every Mylaporean in this zone either shopped here or knew about it.
In fact during the fuel crisis some decades ago, this shop had sold kerosene in the open market.
This property belongs to Triplicane Urban Cooperative Society ( TUCS – headquartered at Triplicane).
Since this building had become old, it had to be demolished, this was done.
The new building is almost ready now after much delay. But a TUCS shop is not planned here. A branch of TNSC Bank is to come up in this place, with ATM facility.
The first floor is likely to be made into a hall for social functions but this call has not yet been made.
– Report, photo: Baskar Seshadri