Teppam scene created for Vasantha utsavam in temple draws kids, some make a wish

Chithirai-pournami on April 23, Tuesday. As dusk set in, the moon rose majestically in the skies and if you looked up from the mada streets, you noticed the illuminated gopurams of Kapaleeswarar Temple, standing out in the night sky.

There was a steady stream of people into the temple.

Among them was Sarojini, who is 70 years old. She and her family members sat down to light earthen lamps. She said she started this tradition some seven years ago with her younger sister. Now, her grandchildren join her.

Sarojini and her grand-children, Sri Bharath and Ananya prepared the wicks and lamps with ghee. Dr. Thilajavathi (her daughter) and Advik placed the lit lamps at the lamps station near the cow shed.

Elsewhere in the temple, many children gathered around the miniature tank created for the Vasantha utsavam festival. They threw coins into the water; some tried to aim for the centre of the pond. Some made a wish.

Vedesh, Gowtham and Rakshan were there. They said they wished for good marks in the exam and good health for all – saying it quietly before throwing their coins.

Some children looked deep into this tank – to see if small fish were in. They said they liked the mobile teppam model inside the tank.

  • Report, photo by Chara Shree Katare/ student trainee at MT