Vasantha utsavam is on at Sri Kapali Temple

The annual Vasanta utsavam celebration season is on at Sri Kapali Temple in Mylapore. It runs for 30 days and entered the second week on Monday.

A small, circular tank filled with water, a mini mantapam set in its centre and a mini teppam that moves all around it, is a draw for devotees and for children here.

On Sunday evening, being pradosham day, there was a huge crowd of people at the temple and many took time to look at the installation.

The celebration signals the break of spring, but here, it is the summer season and a time to symbolically offer a cool atmosphere to the gods.

The first section of the utsavam is focussed on lord Kapali, then on lord Singaravelar.

Odhuvars recited the sacred verses and deeparadhanai is performed in the evening.