This dead-end street corner in Mandaveli is a drinking nook. Residents want police to act

Residents of Srinivasan Street in Mandaveli have bene forced to tolerate what seems to be open-air liquor drinking parties by strangers who make the best of this dead end street late at night.

A woman resident here said that men drink in the open and  litter the street corner with glass liquor bottles, beer bottles  and left over food / snacks.

“They can be heard to be loudly talking, arguing, and creating a ruckus , and it is difficult for women to walk in this street after 9 p.m.. Time and again we have asked them to take their drinking sessions to some other place but they disregard us,” said another resident.

The women were not sure if this issue has been taken to the local police personnel; they want police to patrol this street now.

The colony also lives with another problem – people from other places dump garbage, broken commodes, broken  glass windows and garden waste in the corner.

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