Mandavellipakkam residents forum have face-to-face with GCC engineers. Local issues discussed

The Core Committee group of Mandavellipakkam  residents formed recently to address local issues had its first meet on the weekend with local GCC engineers,  Muthiah, AEE and  Gopinath, AE, of 126 Division in Zone 9.

 A slide presentation highlighted many issues in Mandavellipakkam; some are listed here;

 1. Encroachments on 1St Trust Main Rd opp Taico Bank continues to exist. Encroachments by food shops on Norton Road – Mandaveli St junction.

2. Frontage of Lazarus Road GCC Park in a shabby condition; needs attention.

3. Overnight cable laying leaving local roads in a dismal condition.

4. Construction debris dumped near waste bins at junctions

5. Encroachments by local cattle owners to be cleared

 The AEE took time to explain how his team operates, the drawbacks in the system  and the  many challenges he has to face on what are sensitive issues.

 He also outlined ways in which residents can collaborate with the GCC staff..

  • File photo used here for symbolic representation

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