Mylapore Times Charitable Trust grants scholarships to deserving school students. Donations welcome to support next round of funding

Scholarships to the value of Rs.1,42,500 have been granted to students of five local area schools by Mylapore Times Charitable Trust. These funds will help boys and girls support the next level of schooling / college studies.

Students of St. Antony’s  Girls, Children’s Garden, P. S. Hr. Sec. School, Lady Sivaswami Ayyar Girls and Rani Meyyammai Girls benefitted.

This is the first round of funding ubdertaken by the Trust.  The Trust has been awarding funds to students for over 25 years now. The funds come from donations made by Mylaporeans and wellwishers and from donations made by Mylapore Times.

More applications are being screened now for award of scholarships. 

The Trust will need at least Rs.2 lakhs to support the next batches, so it welcomes donations from Mylaporeans. 

This past week, R. Ramesh of Mandaveli donated Rs.1001.

To donate, call Mylapore Times staff Shanthi at 044-2498 2244. Donations can be collected at your doorstep or sent via bank transfer.