Carnatic music fest focus on pallavis. At Srinivasa Sastri Hall. July 3 onwards

The 2024 edition of Pallavi Darbar, a fest which highlights unique pallavis in Carnatic music is on from July 3 to 5 and on July 7 at Srinivasa Sastri Hall, Luz.

Many concerts are listed for the evenings, July 3 to 5 and through the day on July 7.

Highlights: July 3, 6 pm; Abhishek Raghuram concert. July 4, 7.15 – Bharat Kumar concert. July 5, 7.15 pm – Ramana Balachandra on the veena/ concert. July 7, 9 am – Lec-dem by Abhishek Raghuram on ‘Nuances of Laya’. At 7.15 pm – concert by Amrutha Venkatesh

This fest is a collaboration: Carnatica and Sri Parthasarathy Swami Sabha. Open to all.