Mami’s Tiffen at centre of fake news that goes viral

The popular food joint, Mami’s Tiffen in Mylapore was at the centre of a fake news viral this Tuesday morning.

The news that was circulated on WhatsApp said that some 23 staff at Mami’s had tested positive and that the food joint must be avoided. It also made some insinuations about this food joint located on Pichu Pillai Street, in the heart of Mylapore.

The owner of the place spoke to Mylapore Times on video, denying that staff had tested positive and showing the place functioning well at noontime.

Mami’s has been a busy place since the time rules allowed for take-ways but as has been the case in many service spaces, staff are not too distant when at work though all wear masks and sanitise off and on.


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  1. Venkataramani Subbiah says:

    It very disturbing that such fake news are being spread when there is already so much anxiety among the public. I think it’s time people to realise that even if we can’t contribute to the well being of society, they should avoid doing harm.

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