Professional help to maintain rainwater harvesting systems

Chennai Metropolitan Water Supply and Sewerage Board (CMWSSB – Metrowater) organised an awareness meeting on how people could maintain their rain water harvesting systems.

The meeting was held on August 30 at the Area VI office located on Dr. Ranga Road, Alwarpet

Manivannan, Area Engineer of Zone 6 and Sekhar Raghavan, Director, Rain Centre, Mandavelipakkam addressed the gathering.

The attendance was thin, made up mostly of Metrowater staff from local area divisions.

Dr. M. Ravi, a community activist said that such meetings should be held on weekends and wide publicity must be given to get more people to attend.

The Area Engineer explained how RWH systems could be maintained. He said that his officers can provide help. The number to call is 2499 6796.

Sekhar Raghavan said that people had set up the systems when the AIADMK government made it compulsory to tap rainwater but since then, many had not maintained the system. As a result, rainwater could not be fully harvested and was being wasted.

Sekhar said that the Rain Centre can provide resources to people who needed them. The number to call is – 2461 6134. You can also get information at a web site.

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