Talks on Big Temple

Author, researcher and dancer Lakshmi Vishwanathan is presenting a series of lectures to celebrate the rich cultural heritage of Tanjavur. It is timed with the celebrations of 1000 years of the Sri Brihadiswara Temple, Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu.

Lakshmi hails from a family with deep roots in Thanjavur and she says that the talks will bring to the notice of modern scholars, writers and enthusiastic lay persons the great history of Thanjavur.

Lakshmi Vishwanathan’s series of talk shows, lectures, demonstrations and performances in the coming months will touch on a wide range of topics that include: Art and architecture of Brihadiswara temple, Thanjavur, Raja Raja Cholan – the able administrator, Thanjavur as a seat of Music, Thanjavur under three royal dynasties, Dance in Thanjavur – from Raja Raja Chola to Serfoji’s time, Thanjavur’s distinctive cuisine, Weaving and Crafts of Thanjavur, Poets and Composers of Thanjavur, Film stars from Thanjavur and Thanjavur today – the rice bowl of Tamil Nadu.

Some of the events will be for invited guests and some will be open to the public. On Sept.16, at the Full Circle bookshop on Chamiers Road (Chamiers store campus) Lakshmi and V. Sriram present a talk on – ‘From Tanjore to George Towne – A Cultural Journey’.

On Sept.24, 10 a.m. onwards at Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, there will three lec-dems on aspects like Tamizh Bhakti fostered by Raja Raja Chozan, Thanjavur, Dance Legacy of Tanjore and Thanjavur as the Seat of Music. These will be given by scholars.

More info can be had from Lakshmi Vishwanathan at: