Marghazhi month poojas at Nandalala

Nandalala is having a series of poojas and celebrations during the month of Marghazhi. There will be poojas at 5 a.m. with rudrabhiksekam for Sri Bhuvanaraja Ganpathy and tirumanjanam for Nandalala Sri Krishnar accompanied by tirrupavai recitation and deeparadhana. Pallirarai Sevai will be held at 7.45 p.m. from December 16 to January 13, 2011.

Special poojas for children are also organised on all Saturdays and Sundays. Children are welcomed to perform pada pooja for Nandalala Sri Krishna and obtain his blessings.

On December 22, Kuselar Dinam will be observed.

December 27 will be Kudai Samarpanam, January 4 and 5 Hanumath Jayanthi will be observed.

Koodaravalli Sri Andal Thiru Kalyanam will be held on January 11 at 6 p.m. there will be a grand procession of Goddess Sri Andal from Sri Kodantharamar Temple at Beemanna Mudali Street to Nandalala Sri Krishna Senathipathi Sannadi where the celestial marriage will be conducted.

Nadalala is located at 2&4 Dr. Ranga Road, Mylapore. Ph: 24983631/ 2467083.