Showcase of Indian dogs

Blue Cross of India is organising the Wacky Mongrel Show at C.P. Art Centre on Sunday, January 23 from 3 to 5 p.m.

This dog show is to showcase only Indian dogs or the non -pedigree dogs.

Here is the action, says R. Shankar, member of the Blue Cross.

TO SEE AND PARTICIPATE IN – A competition among dogs on the basis of looks, colour, cuteness, speed and skills and best sterilized. If you have a dog, you can enter it in this contest.

TO DO: Indian pups will be avaiable for adoption. These pups are given away to dog lovers.

BONUS FOR YOUR DOGS: There is a free dog grooming stall whose facilities can be used.

YOU NEED TO REGISTER: Entry is by registration and is limited.

For registration call 80562 29363 or email at

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