Congress(I), AIADMK candidates file nominations

Jayanthi Thangabalu of the Congress (I) and Rajalakshmi of the AIADMK filed their nominations at the Mylapore taluk office this morning.

The papers were filed with the Returning Officer of this constituency. This office is on Greenways Road, near the MRTS station

A BSP candidate has also filed his papers.

Photo shows AIADMK candidate Rajalakshmi filing her papers with the RO. On her left is Dr. Maitreyan, AIADMK MP.

As of now it appears that the contest will be between two women who are little known to residents here.

There have been some protests by supporters of Congressman Karate Thiagarajan who had sought this seat. His men said that the TNCC(I) president K V Thangabalu has indulged in nepotism and managed to get his wife the Mylapore ticket.

Sitting MLA, S. Ve Shekher who had also applied ( he recently joined the Congress (I) after remaining ‘unattached’ ) said he was disappointed with the selection.

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6 Comments on “Congress(I), AIADMK candidates file nominations”

  1. as one who grew up in mandavali, i am disappointed that neither party selected a candidate from the locality.
    suchi, i think people should vote for the best candidate and not one based on caste or creed. i agree that india as a whole, we are far away from this concept, but atleast the mylaporeans can make a start doing the right thing.

  2. It is good that it is clash among Karpagams at Mylapore. But unfortunately all the candidates of the major parties (and their revolt candidates) are new faces to the voters. Also bulk of the bulk of the voters to this constituency are a floating population and so may not be finding opportunity to express the problem here like real estate mafia, escalating rentals, school admissions etc. Therefore it is now the responsibility of media, like Mylapore Times, to organize a free interface of the candidates with the voters. All candidates on a single stage is possible at Mylapore and voters here also are prudent enough to take a qualitative step up the democracy ladder.

  3. It appears that the announcement by ADMK of a lady candidate has prompted Cong to field a lady candidate. A lady vs lady is good in the sense that it will result in one lady MLA eventually. The Cong veterans and comedians opposing Jayanthi’s candidature should learn to be gentle with ladies.

  4. Will Brahmin vote matter this time at Mylapore? Who will be benefited the most? It appears that both Brahmin Association and Kanchi Seer are confused on this matter in this election.

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