Will it be Thangkabalu vs. Rajalakshmi in Mylapore?

It was to be a Congress (I) versus AIADML contest for the Mylapore seat in Elections 2011. But will it be between K V Thangkabalu of Congress and AIADMK’s Rajalakshmi or is there going to be another twist in this tale?

State Congress (I) chief, K V Thangkabalu has said that he is the new candidate of the party for the Mylapore constituency. He replaces his wife who had filed her papers after being named at the official candidate.

On Saturday, the Returning Officer had declared that the papers of Jayanthi Thangkabalu were not in order (she had not signed on 2 forms) and rejected her nomination.

But the papers of Thangkabalu were found in order and accepted. However, his name has not been officially announced by the Congress party. He had claimed that he had filed his papers on Saturday.

Thangkabalu claimed that in his wife’s case all papers had been filed but were missing and that he had asked his wife to complain to the Election Commission.

There has been a lot of media attention on the goings-on in the Congress(I) camp as far as Mylapore is concerned and many feel the Congress(I) may have lost the first round in this election.

The AIADMK candidate is already doing the campaign rounds.

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