Lakshmi’s new novel is based on ‘eco’ theme

‘Pachai Neelam Parikaram’, a novel by Thamizh writer Lakshmi Mohan was released on October 9 by Tamil writer and social activist Sivasankari at Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan.

Nanditha Krishna, director of C. P. Arts Foundation which works on ‘green’ projects received the first copy of the novel.

Lakshmi says ‘Pachai Neelam Parikarm’ deals with theme of eco-friendly choices that we can may in life.

This Raja Annamalaipuram-based writer employs a time-travel module for this novel with the story covering a period of 200 years. As guest Sivasankari said at the launch, “Lakshmi has managed to get an elephant into a pot!”

Core to the narration are characters who deal with choices they must make with everything to do with nature and things natural.

This is Lakshmi’s second novel. She is a prolific short story writer but much of her time is devoted to working with special children.

Lakshmi uses the music therapy route to enhance the quality of life of these children.

The novel is priced at Rs.50 and is published by Vanathi Pathipakkam. For more details call 9962129333.