Honda bikes store in Mandaveli

A new showroom for the Honda brand of two wheelers opened recently in Mandaveli.

The business is handled by MPL Honda. Located just off the Mandaveli MTC bus depot junction, the showrooms displays the models of the Honda range including the Honda Dio and Honda Aviator, which are also fancied by women.

Also located here is the Honda authorised service centre. This place provides services of all Honda vehicles and is equipped with a modernised workshop.

It is open from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. from Monday to Saturday and from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. on Sundays.

The showrooms is at 214, R. K. Mutt Road, Mandaveli. near BSS Hospital. Open on Sundays too. Ph: 4907 1111 / 12.

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4 Comments on “Honda bikes store in Mandaveli”

  1. One of the worst showroom and salesman in MPL Honda. Asked to deliver the bike on Monday including RTO and the salesman said we will do and at the time of delivery RTO process completed but number will be provided next day. Next day contacted the salesman for the bike number and the salesman informed that the chassis number is not correctly taken in RTO and henceforth the owner of the bike has to take care and we will inform the person to contact at RTO. Till the bike delivery they talk like a gold after that they don`t take care. People don`t buy Honda vehicle from MPL, you will face severe issues.

  2. I didnt see this page earlier. Else, I would not have made this mistake

    I selected & booked a Activa on Monday 7th Jan 2013 which was in stock paying full amount, and the sales person guaranteed registered delivery on 11th Jan 2013. I was following up and even on 11th morning he said I can come to the showroom at 5.30 PM and take delivery.

    But they failed to deliver it with register no. on 11th. The Manager asked me to take dleivery without no and I have to come back after God knows how many days for the no.

    When I took the vehicle without registration within 0.5 km the indicators failed to function. I immediately took it back. The service person checked it and replaced the battery and some fuse to rectify the problem. So much for Honda quality..

    MPL Honda has failed miserably both in Sales & Service

    Let this be a eye opener for all you who plan to buy from MPL Honda (Mandaveli) Chennai

  3. Very poor sales and miserable after sales service. They make you come a hundred time for silly things. Make unaceeptable errors in your rc books and still stay leadt bothered. They sre so careless and take customers for granted. The staff are so unfit. They are not skilled in what they are hired for! PLEASE DO NOT BUY TWO WHEELERS WITH MPL HONDA MANDAVELI!!!!!! Save ur time & money!

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