It rains but only for a short while . . .

It rained in the city as dusk gave way but the strength of the showers belied the expectations of people who had feasted on a largely cloudy, dark sky.

The rains came down across the Mylapore neighbourhood, starting at about 6.45 pm, accompanied by lightning.

Pools of water formed on roads which have been dig up or badly maintained.

Traffic began to crawl as people heading home after work tried to double up but failed.

Traffic jams were seen on C P Ramaswamy Road, Alwarpet.

A smart auto driver took over the job of directing traffic at a signal junction as chaos reigned and the signals had blinked off. But he was quickly coaxed out by a Traffic Policemen who realised he had a job to do here.

While the drizzle stopped, the stuffiness was back.