Hotel Shelter shut for some weeks now

Hotel Shelter in Venkatesa Agraharam, Mylapore had been shut down for the past few weeks.
There is no official word on this development but the buzz is that its patronage has fallen.
The hotel was badly hit during the pandemic.
It does not seem to have recovered.
This hotel is part of Dev Apartments group.
– Reported by Baskar Seshadri

One Comment on “Hotel Shelter shut for some weeks now”

  1. One can understand the present condition of almost a century old building.
    Would appreciate the new proposed development would at least retain the exterior look for its look and design irrespective of how many floors are going to come up as per cmda regulations.
    Also the new complex or tower may pls berenamed as Jammis complex or Jammis tower the name to recon with. . V. V, 9884349284

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