Offering accommodation in houses/apartments to rasikas in December . .

in less than a month, the famed December Season will roll in the Mylapore neighborhood and in some zones in Chennai.

The ‘season’ is a time when sabhas here host long festivals of Carnatic music and classical dance besides plays, featuring the best artistes of the world in this genre.

The ‘season’ also attracts music connoisseurs from abroad besides NRIs and visiting artistes. While many prefer to stay at hostels in the Mylapore zone since most venues for the recitals are located here, others choose to stay with relatives.

Opening up private accommodation to these rasikas is a more recent development. There are rasikas / tourists who seek accommodation with families in order to feel ‘homely’ and get a feel of local life and culture.

For some years now, KutcheriBuzz which runs a web site on music and dance from its office in Alwarpet has encouraged the concept of such accommodation for the ‘season’. It invites Mylaporeans who have spare rooms and can also offer coffee/breakfast as extra services to advertise the facility with the hope that rasikas will check these out.

Adverts can be placed on the web site ( now. More info at 91-44-24994599. Mail –