Avenue trees pose danger on rainy days

Avenue trees in the area pose a serious danger to people as Monday night’s incident.

A big tree just outside the gate of Hotel Park Sheraton at the TTK Road-Chamiers Road junction fell down in the rain and as it came down it crashed into a vehicle which was carrying people to work at a IT company in the city suburbs.

Nobody was seriously hurt, one learns now but the accident affected traffic flow in this area. This happened at about 9.15 p.m.

Though it had been raining since 6 p.m. that day the weather was not windy.

Many trees or branches or trees crashed during the cyclone Nilam season recently. Mylaporeans say that they have rarely seen teams of Chennai Corporation’s Parks Dept. going around neighborhoods looking to trim trees or address ¬†weak ones on the roads and streets.


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One Comment on “Avenue trees pose danger on rainy days”

  1. There are many such trees in our Chennai 600004 and 600028 areas, waiting to fall. Some are tilted almost 45 deg to the ground! Also the traffic in TTK Salai and CPR Salai may be considered for making one-way (one towards Alwarpet and other towards R.A.Puram) as earlier, to reduce traffic congestion. Thanks

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