Maavadu season is here; mada veedhi hawkers have variety for pickle-makers!

The maavadu mango season is with us all over again and all those who enjoy preparing pickles at home may want to walk down to the haker stalls on South Mada Street, off Sri Kapali Temple in Mylapore.

S. Kavitha was a busy hawker this Tuesday morning as she went about setting up the sale at her hawker space near the Aavin Milk booth, off the Mylapore Fund Office.

The loads from the whole sale market in Koyembedu had just arrived and Kavitha was already having to deal with her first customers of the morning.

Just now, three varieties of maavadu have arrived.

The roomani vaddu, Coimbatore vaddu and Madhavaram vaddu.

People who are particular about their pickle making, opt for th roomani or the Coimbatore varieties because of a unique taste that goes with them.

The Madhavaram vaddu seems to be popular with everybody. It costs fifty rupee per padi.

Prices of the other maavadu varieties range from Rs.160 to Rs.170 per kilo.

Besides Kavitha there are three other hawkers who sell maavadu mnagoes on this street.

You can reach Kavitha at 9790836647.


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