Schools re-open, rush is back on Mylapore’s roads

All local schools reopened this morning for the new academic year. They were to have opened on June 3 but the state ordered that it be postponed by a week since the temperature was still high – in the 40s.

It is still hot and muggy now but the schools opened to welcome students back. The scenes were quite colourfull across Mylapore. At P. S. High School, children were seen in new uniforms and new bags. Many parents dropped off the juniors.

There was a big rush on R K Mutt Road after 8.15 a.m. – this being the junction for students who criss cross to schools located in the region.

At Venugopal Vidyalaya, we spotted boys catching up with friends as they made way to the school campus. A few posed for us for pictures, all of them in new school uniforms, some sporting a vibhuti.

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