150th birth anniversary celebration of Sir V. Krishnaswamy Iyer

The 150th birth anniversary celebration of Sir V. Krishnaswamy Iyer, a great Mylaporean who was wellnown for many achievements in his time is to be formally launched this evening, Sept.25.

Tamil Nadu governor Dr K. Rosaiah is the chief guest at a function to be held at The Music Academy.

Some days ago, the renovated statue of Iyer which stands in the campus of the University of Madras was reopened.

Today’s event is hosted by the Madras Sanskrit College and S S V Patasala, both located in Mylapore which were one of the many institutions that Krishnaswamy Iyer founded.

Krishnaswamy Iyer made a name for himself as a advocate at a young age and in his short lifespan – he died when just 48 – had made some remarkable contributions to the community in Madras.

He founded the Venkataramana Dispensary and Ayurvedic College and he was one among those who helped create the Indian Bank. He had a role to play in the freedom movement.

He was a judge of the Madras High Court, served on the Senate of the University and also on the Executive Council of the Governor of Madras.

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