Puducherry CM car hit by SUV on San Thome High Road

Police are investigating a accident case that took place on San Thome High Road late on Sunday.

The car in which Puducherry chief minister Rangaswamy was travelling in, heading to the ECR was hit by a SUV near the Kuyil Thotam curve in the road.

Rangaswamy was not hurt and he travelled on after another car was requisitioned but two policemen in the security van that was in the CM’s convoy were injured.

Police said the SUV driver, from Chepauk was detained.

This is a busy road and being narrow in most parts witnesses traffic jams. It also witnesses rash driving by bike riders and SUV drivers. In the past, informal races by bikers had led to accidents and fatal deaths on the road. The races though have come down after police cracked down on the bikers.

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