Scholars honoured at 150th birth anniv of V. Krishnaswamy Iyer

Sri-V-Krishnaswamy-Iyer-150th-Birth-CelebrationThe celebrations to remember one of Mylapore’s great sons, V Krishnaswamy Iyer, born June 15 1863 is still on with a series of events held to celebrate 150th birth anniversary.

Last weekend, the team celebrating this milestone got up an event at Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Mylapore to honor scholars in Sanskrit, Ayurveda and a few other fields.

This event was significant because one of the many contributions made by Krishnaswamy Iyer was to found the Sanskrit College and institute for the study, teaching and research of this language. The College campus is vibrant to this day on Royapettah High Road.

Scholars who were and are at the College and outside were honored. So were those who made great contributions at the Venkataramana Ayurveda College, another place founded by Iyer who was a celebrated advocate and judge, freedom movement campaigner and philantrophist.

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