Shows on works of India’s best artists open

Forum-Art-Gallery-alwarpetIf you take the TTK Road in Alwarpet or Eldams Road that leads you to Teynampet you may want to take a break and take in the works of some of India’s best known artists.

Art galleries in the city have joined hands under the Art Chennai banner to showcase this annual event.

On Monday, Carnatic music vocalist Sanjay Subrahmanyan inaugurated the small format works of the celebrated C Douglas who is based in the city at the Sri Parvati Gallery on Eldams Road.

At this Madras terrace bungalow, Sanjay said he admired Douglas’ works and him as an artist while Douglas, reticent in words ( the show is called ‘ Words Need Words’) said he loved Sanjay’s music.

Words-Need-Words---Parvati-Art-Gallery-1The artist said he worked on the thought of the need for conversation, for two way communication for better things to happen; that monologues wouldn’t work. Almost all the works are really small but pack in a lot of work and detail, besides the symbolism of man, books and butterflies.

Later, Forum Art Gallery, diagonally opposite Sankara Hall ( where all the sales are held) opened the door to a 4 artist show – recent works of Chennai’s R B Bhaskaran and Achuthan Kudallur, and of Amitabh Sen Gupta and Dhiraj Choudhury.

All four are celebrated people and while two are abstract and two figurative painters, the curator used the four walls ( one is glass windows that face the busy TTK Road) to display inn tandem the four artists’ works. The Chennai artists were at hand to chat with guests.

The works are priced in lakhs of rupees ( the small ones cost less) but they all deserve a dekko.

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