St. Bede’s to meet St. Patricks in TNCA cricket tourney for under14 teams

St. Bede’s  has cruised into the final of the TNCA cricket tourney for under14 school teams. It meets St. Patricks next week.

For St Bedes it was a cool win.  It made 176 for 1 wicket to beat PSBB of K K Nagar which made 174 and lost all its wickets. For the San Thome school team, batters S Rithik Easwaran made 58 runs and was unbeaten and R Audhi Sachin was 64 not out in a match winning partnership.

In the other match ( both matches were played at the St Bede’s ground) San Thome High School lost tamely to St Patricks. The team could make  191 for 7 wickets with  P Girish Prabhu making a good 80runs. But this wasn’t enough for a win.

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