Man killed at Luz Circle

Man killed at Luz CircleA man was killed at the Luz traffic signal junction this afternoon. The crime took place on the pavement alongside the shops where the Bata store is located. At 4 p.m. Mylapore police were seen recording the scene of crime and local people said that the man was killed following a brawl at the liquor shop located opposite the Mylapore MRTS rail station, off the Canal.

One Comment on “Man killed at Luz Circle”

  1. This attitude of government functioning out of money made from people getting addicted to drink and giving freebies should be condemned. Most of the youth of TN today have lost their future having gone addicted to liquor. It’s said, government even sets target for selling (during festive seasons). And, there’s always a jam due to heavy parking of vehicles near these liquor shops and women are scared to walk through these places. God! save our state…

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