Heavy security inside QMC where voting machines are stored

Queen Mary’s College is abuzz now. One side of the sprawling campus is abuzz with girls who are streaming in to buy and file application forms as they seek admission to the undergrad courses at this government women’s college. The buzz got stronger after the Plus Two exam results were announced last weekend.

Another section of the campus is a ‘no go’ zone and it has been so since April 24.

This area is under tight security as all the Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs) used in the Chennai North constituency in the recent elections to the Lok Sabha are stored here.

The EVMs were moved to the hall at this campus once polling was over on April 24 and since that night the area has been under levels of security.

This place will be the centre of focus on May 16 when counting of the votes takes place here and across the country.

Everyday, security and police personnel take turns to guard this area and the building. Access to the area is limited only to authorized people.